The other week I had a great day out and spent some time with the family in Christchurch City Centre now that it's opened again, it's been a few years since we have has so much access to our city after the quakes that tried to take the heart from the city.


Glad I took the camera, as well as some fantastic shots of gorgeous wee girl and stunning other half (I am so lucky!!) I also made this image, its a stitch of 11 images portrait images of Cathedral Square (that's in the centre of Christchurch for those that don't know) as it was today and I love it, it may very well be one of my favourite images I've ever produced. The image itself is 1.2m long and 40cm high before framing! so she's a good size and I think will work well at the full size, I can't wait to see

Cathedral Square has always been special to me, on my 1st visit to NZ I stayed in a hotel right on the square and I think fell in love with it then and spent may a weekend around there along with a whole bunch of fellow Christchurch people, it's got a huge place in Christchurch's heart and you can feel that when you walk int he square and see it, you always could but somehow now it's even more real. That's why it's called Our Square