With starting Project 52 a week behind I thought I'd try and get 2 images out this week to catch up then I'm on track and feeling happy with myself, which at the end of the day is part of the point.


So as luck would have it today we went to the beach to celebrate my final day of holiday before starting work again on Monday and there were images a plenty. This one is came about because some lovely person had stuck a piece of drift wood into the sand and it was a very nice bit of wood I have to say. Well I'd taken the camera with the 50mm prime lens so I took a few shots around it and then went back to playing in the water with my daughter thinking, hmmm there is some stuff I could do with that. 

Sometimes I take images specifically knowing I'm going to be doing work on it to get a final image I'm happy on that will be nothing like or slightly like the original, Photographers License I call it.

So home it came, dumped into Lightroom to have a look then across to Photoshop CC and NIK Colour EFEX & HDR to get the image I had in my head, I know strange how my head works at times but there you go. So the result is this one, called Symbol, why... I don't really know, it's just the name that stuck in my head when I looked at the finished image, which is how I normally pick names for images, not sure how others do it but that's me.

So here we go, image 2 of 52, Symbol.