Well it's been a great day hanging out with the family, watching my little one at her swim class and just generally chilling out. Then of course tonight we have the Wellington Rugby Sevens on TV in the background and me at the PC editing some images with Photoshop & NIK Software which it turning into my image tuner of choice at the moment.

Everything I shoot I shoot in RAW, I learned this very early on that's to a really good tutor (actually I think he's more like a Mystical Photography Sensi with his musings and challenges to your way of thinking and seeing). There will always be those who say, shoot in Jpeg, get it right in the camera, as if those shooting RAW don't do this, we do, we just prefer to not through away data we may need later to improve the shadows or highlights or mid tones etc that you would loose with a Jpeg compression.

The downside of RAW if you look at it that way is you have to develop the image, and that's really something over the last couple of years I've been getting my head around. I remember the conversation one early morning with the Mystical Photography Sensi about the difference between 'making' images and taking photo's, pretty sure i had to sit down after that one. But really it boils down to this, you or I can go out with our camera, phone, point & shoot or pin hole camera, point it a something we like and go click, that's taking a photo and that's all perfectly fine believe me, I do a heck of a lot of it. Making an image, starts when you look at where you are and ask (for me at least) a couple of things, what am I seeing here, what do I want to get over to the person viewing this image, there needs to be some kind of feeling provoked so what's it going to be?

Then, I get the camera out and figure out how to put all of that onto my little 18MP sensor and with what lens. Then after that's done I've got this big pile of data and that has to turn into an image in the lab that is my PC, which is what it is, it's a lab for developing digital images. So I have to process the image with a raw converter, which I'm doing mostly with Adobe Raw at the moment then I kick it into NIK as a smart object (thank you Mr Scott Fowler). Once I'm finished there it'll probably end up back in lightroom but I'm sure that's only the beginning of the process which seems to be developing more and more into a nice workflow, for me at least.

This image is actually an older one that I relooked at, since getting Photoshop CC and the new updates on NIK I've found myself relooking at images I had long consigned to the archives to see if I can actually do anything with them with my new fangled development skills. This one had always not quite had the feel that I wanted which was a warmth from the sun peaking over the hill and a bit of a feeling of oo what's over the edge there, and just the draw into the image. I think with this version it's where I wanted it, previously it's been a little dark and uninviting really and I just didn't like it which was frustrating because I liked it when I photographed it that's for sure.

So here we are, Sunrise at Breeze Bay




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