The other weekend I was lucky enough to get down to Moeraki in North Otago (in The other weekend I was lucky enough to get down sunny NZ) with my fellow photographers from Rangiora Photographic Society.

We got down there on Friday night and headed for the sunrise on Saturday morning which thankfully wasn't hitting till just after 7ish but the light started a wee bit before then.

I had planned on doing the whole weekend with my 50-500 Sigma lens but as luck would have it, I managed to forget it , I know, great packing and planning - next time I'll make a list I think. So I resorted to my 10-24 instead and dug out my Grad Neutral density to let me pull out the sky a wee bit more and there was the colour, just waiting for me.

I liked the position of the rocks here, they leads you into image and the one on the right stops you heading back out and bounces you back to the middle where the rocks direct your eye up tot he sky, or at least that was the plan... Plan!.. actually for a change yes, I took my time with this image and probably took about 30 variations to get the feeling I wanted out of this one.

Everytime i shoot a sunrise I remember why I love landscapes and wonder why it takes me so long between drinks to get out there, really need to put some more time into the camera and a bit more travel around the place.