So I've been up in Auckland all week and was starting to thing, no way I'm actually going to get an image this week for the project, but then today came. Sun - 31 deg heat and of course a Sunday.

We had a few things to do today but by the late afternoon it had cooled slightly (28 degs!) and we thought... hmmm inflatable pool so out it came and inflation took place, water was added and the fun began.

Our little one Emily (aged 4 and a half and a quarter apparently) was in there having the time of her life, she just loves water, it's very much part of the Kiwi culture, less so Scottish as we only really had the North Sea or the Irish Sea to play in and they are a little cold! But here, we have some nice beaches and the water is pretty good. But the back yard is where todays fun was. So off she went, swim cossy on and sun had and it was time jump in and splash, and splash and, well you get the idea.

It was fun and Emily has a wicked sense of humour so after a little bit of splashing Dad we agreed to settle but I thought I'd grab the camera just in case, and glad I did, onto rapid fire and we had a daddy daughter photo shoot and it was great fun. I was lucky to get this one which I think gets across all the fun of the afternoon. There is actually a whole sequence going from the jump to the splash, stay tuned for them!