Another for Project 170 to get me up to date with the plan. Shot at Sumner Beach in Christchurch I put a oil painting brush filter over the image to create the ripples which I think adds a little bit to the image, what do you think?


So, another shot from the Lomography fisheye camera. I shot a similar image on the DSLR but actually I kinda like this one a little more, its just that little bit more fun I think.

A friend said that I should shoot it with more detail or focus on the wood grain, so off I went with the fisheye to have a go. I quite like the shadow of the handrail creating a center line in the image which kind of leads you in there.



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So here we are with the 1st image from Project 170, the whole project is shot using the lomography fisheye camera and using iso800 colour negative film.

I obviously shot all 36 exposures on the film and I have to say there are mixed results but obviously I seem to have got lucky or better? as the film went on. This is shot number 24 of the film and it's quite cool actually, well I think it is. Anyway the lovely guys at Photo & Video International, my fav photo store kindly developed the slides and banged them on a disk for me. 

I tell you waiting a week for the results was certainly a whole experience I'd forgotten. I think it's been 25+ years since I had to wait on film, back then it was a 110 film. Then of course I waited and waited and eventually 8 years ago picked up a digital camera and off we go. Then this, my little fisheye and film, and I have to say I love it, I can see me getting well and truly addicted to it!

So this image, The Beach, was captured at Rapaki Beach just on the other side of the hill from Lyttelton over the Xmas holidays when we were hanging out with some friends and paddling in the water with the kids, what better time to whip out the camera and play, and glad I did!

I have to confess to having adjusted the contrast a little on NIK Software but other than that it's pretty much how it came out the camera, it's grainy... because obviously it's film, and I love it, so here we go, Project 170 kick's off with The Beach, what do you think?



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