So here we go with the kick of image for Project 52, the aim, to get 1 image a week out and obviously this means I have to be out taking images as well as they all have to be new images, did I mention that in the Project 52 outline? probably not.

So this is called Harvest, it was captured just 5 mins away from the house the other night as I was on my way to pick out our dinner from the Indian takeaway (YUM!!) It's a field I've been driving past for a while and thinking, there's an image in there to be had. Thankfully on this night the light was pretty good and the clouds were lovely so I was very glad to have taken the camera a long.

The image is a stitch of 21 images out together in Photoshop CC and then tweaked a little with NIK's photo suite of tools and I have to say I do like the result.

What drew me to the field was the hay bails, my other half loves hay bails, although to be fair not one's covered in white protective plastic but there is the one at the front that's uncovered and fallen over which I think adds just the right point of interest in the image but that's just me. Anyway, this is image one of 52, it's called Harvest, what do you think? feel free to leave some comments below.




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