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About Me John Watt


The Photographer

I fell in love with photography a little while after I moved to New Zealand from my home in Scotland. I often wish I had done photography back then as the landscape in Scotland is stunning as so many photographers have proven. New Zealand become home to me way back in 2003 and I've loved the place from pretty much the moment I moved here. Photography was initially a way of getting down time from work and relaxing but it quickly become more than that for me, it is always relaxing but it also allows me to get out and see places that are off the beaten path or show regular every day places, people or things in a new way and I love it.

I want to show images that I like, and hopefully others like as well, that reflect the feeling of a place rather than just purely a record of what was there, although there are times when that is exactly the right thing to do. The landscape around us is just awe-inspiring and I want to get that across in what I do, it’s important that we take time to stop & look at what nature has to offer and not destroy it for our children and that’s something that have certainly grown with me the more time I spend looking at the landscape or the cities and places around us.

Take nothing but pictures. Leave nothing but footprints